Alcorn, Robert Robin 1

Birth Name Alcorn, Robert Robin
Gender male
Age at Death 63 years, 7 months, 25 days


War of 1812 Veteran - Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Militia commanded by Colonel John Donaldson. He served as a Private in Captain James Sympson's Company.

He was a son of Robert Alcorn and Mary Anne Quinn. He married Mary "Polly" Elledge around 1797 in Kentucky. She died Sept. 12, 1826 in Green Ridge, Kentucky and was buried "On the banks of the Green River".


From the Pike County, Illinois History Book:

Robert "Robin" Alcorn married Mary Elledge in Kentucky at "green-up time", in 1797. Mary was the first-born of the daughters of Francis Elledge and Charity Boone. She died in Kentucky in 1824 and is buried "on the banks of Green" (River). Robert later married Frances (last name not of record) and in 1825 came with Jesse Elledge and his wife, Elizabeth Philips, to what is now Scott county, Illinois, crossing thence into Pike county and settling near present New Hartford.

Robert Alcorn and Mary Elledge were the parents of seven children, three sons and four daughters, namely, Cynthia, Charity, Frances (Fanny), Rachel, William, Benjamin and Jesse Alcorn. Cynthia, the eldest daughter, married Robert (Robin) Rogers in Kentucky February 26, 1824. On the same day, in a double wedding, Cynthia's younger sister, Frances (Fanny), married Robin Rogers' brother, David Redmon Rogers. Both couples later came to Illinois, Robin and Cynthia moving subsequently to the state of Iowa, where both of them died.

Of Charity and Rachel Alcorn there is no record, save for the fact that they were children of Robin Alcorn and his wife Mary. Descendants believe that Charity and Rachel died young and that they were buried in Kentucky, probably beside their mother. Charity was named for her grandmother, Charity Boone. Among the records kept by William Riley Willsey, 83-year-old descendant of the Boones and Alcorns, is a notation in his own handwriting that "Charity Alcorn was a sister of Uncle Benjamin Alcorn." Mr. Willsey is now unable to recall either Charity or Rachel or what became of them.

IN THE OLD PRAIRIE MOUND cemetery, on Six Mile Creek, southeast of New Hartford village, are the graves of numerous forefathers of the Hartford Settlement. Some of the early settlers who sleep there, most of them "to fortune and fame unknown," died as early as 1831, as revealed by inscriptions on weathered stones that mark the burials. This village of the dead is peopled largely with men and women of the Boone line, connected, either by blood or marriage, with the noted pioneer family.

Here, in this burial place of pioneers, is the grave of an old Indian fighter and soldier of the second war with Britain, a grave undesignated as that of a soldier of the Republic. This grave is that of Robert (Robin) Alcorn, a comrade of Daniel Boone in the old Indian wars, and the husband of Mary Elledge, eldest daughter of Francis Elledge and Charity Boone.

Robin Alcorn died in a cabin in the field north of the present Lawrence Wilkins home and three-quarters of a mile west and south from New Hartford, in the year 1831. He was first buried in the field near the cabin in which he died. Later, when Prairie Mound cemetery was laid out, he and one or two of his kinsmen who had been buried beside him, were removed to the newer cemetery. The stone that was set at his grave is now down, but its inscription is still clear. It records the information that Robert Alcorn was born in 1768 and died in 1831 at the age of 63 years. The grave is in "Rogers Row," where lie 13 of the Rogers/Alcorn line, headed by the graves of David Redmon Rogers and his wife, Fanny Alcorn.

At that time, only one log cabin had been built between the Atlas settlement and the Joel Moore settlement on Bay Creek, north of present Pittsfield. This was the cabin occupied by the Jacob and Daniel Husong families, who had come in 1823. This cabin was a quarter mile south of the present Charles Shinn residence, south of New Hartford. The stone fireplace of this early habitation still stands, a noted landmark, where the road turns east from U. S. 54 toward Prairie Mound cemetery and school house. Immediately north of this old cabin site, on land now occupied by Charles Shinn, was the early home of Squire David Redmon Rogers and his wife, Fanny Alcorn, she the daughter of Robert Alcorn and Mary Elledge.

It appears likely that the Alcorns came in the same wagon and pack train with Jesse Elledge, the noted Baptist minister of early days, and Edward Boone Scholl, grandson of Neddie Boone, and his wife and family, together with his wife's people, the Joseph Bentleys, that all settled at the site of early Williamsport, pioneer river port opposite present Montezuma. Joseph Bentley was the proprietor of this early river town and Edward Boone Scholl also acquired town parts therein from Bentley, as did Robert Alcorn. Later, in 1826, came Bartlett Rogers to this town, he also buying a lot therein, and in 1828 came to the same place Bartlett Rogers' son, David Redmon Rogers, with his wife Fanny Alcorn, daughter of Robert Alcorn and Mary Elledge. All of these people were inter-related, Edward Boone Scholl being a cousin of the Elledges, his mother, Mary Boone, being a younger sister of Charity Boone, mother of the Elledges. That Robert Alcorn first settled in Williamsport in Old Morgan (now Scott) county is indicated in a deed in the possession of his great
grandson, W. R. Willsey Maysville. This deed, written in longhand on a faded scrap of paper, is dated July 1, 1829, and is a conveyance by Robert Alcorn and his wife Frances (Alcorn's second wife) of Lot 12 in the town of Williamsport in the county of Morgan to David R. Rogers of the county of Morgan in the State of Illinois, for a consideration of $21. The Alcorns in this deed subscribe themselves as of the county of Pike and State of Illinois. The deed was acknowledged before Joel Meacham, founder of Meacham's Ferry, now Montezuma.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1768 Augusta County, VA    
Death 26 August 1831 New Hartford, Pike County, IL    
Burial   Prairie Mound Cemetery, New Hartford, Pike County, IL    


Family of Alcorn, Robert Robin and Elledge, Mary

Unknown Partner Elledge, Mary ( * + 12 September 1826 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1797 Kentucky    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Alcorn, Rachel18061862


    1. Alcorn, Robert Robin
      1. Elledge, Mary
        1. Alcorn, Rachel

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